Andrew Alba

"Andrew is made mostly of water and resides in the clouds. He paints what he feels, and enjoys the places where the river meets the ocean."

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"Loopadelic swirls."


Ashan / Channelers

"Ashan and Channelers are the art and music of Sean Conrad. Sean is based in Oakland, California. He also runs the Inner Islands label."

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braeyden jae / softest


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Crown of Eternity

"Mike and Gallina Tamburo are traveling sound benders, multi-instrumentalists and vibrational lovers. They share the life philosophy that music is a healing force. They currently spend their lives on tour, traveling with their dog Eno in their tiny house tour van. They share epic concerts, workshops on listening and trainings on the therapeutic uses of sound, vibration and music."

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Dylan Henner

Unforthcoming on biographical details ("I prefer the music to speak for itself"), Henner does note that he plays tuned percussion, analogue synthesisers and cello.

Hear Hums

"Hear Hums are an experimental duo from Gainesville, Florida. Their music calls upon tribal drums and evocative soundscapes to generate a sound that induces moments of introspection and fevered catharsis. Their sonic palate is carried by acoustic textures, synthetic warbles, and buoyed by vocals that range from gentle coos to passionate shrieks that just might scare you out of your body."

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Inner Travels

"Inner Travels is Steve Targo, who seeks to share peaceful vibrations from his sonic explorations of synthesizers, nature and beyond."

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Kenji Kihara

"Kenji Kihara is a sound artist living in Japan.
Created an electronic ambient work inspired by the sound of nature."

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Ki Oni

"Tree Monster."

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Kyle Landstra

"Contemplative and emotive synthesizer music."

(image credit: Chris Conlon)

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Lawrence Martinez

"Lawrence is a filmmaker currently based in Bolinas, CA."

Isles Beyond video

Mike Tamburo

"Mike Tamburo is a sound bender from the hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He lives in an ocean of sound. He bathes in vibration and sends healing from his heart."

Bandcamp / Sounds Eternal

Montibus Communitas

"Montibus Communitas (Mountains Communities) is a free form/uncompromising project led by Brayan, a young peruvian musician/writer. Born in 2011, the project is well known for its particular approach to music, using the idea of ''spontaneity'' and ''constant change'' to such aspects as songs to be played, the band members and the instruments to be used. Some of the persons that have been envolved in the project are Paul (Virgen Sideral), Anna, Sergio (Silver Mornings), Pedro (Trio Nuna), Giancarlo (Liquidarlo Celuloide), Carlos (La Ira de Dios, Drone Accelerator), Tete, Efrain (La Mecánica Popular), Herrmann (Jacko Wacko, Viajeros) and many others."

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"Oliwa is like floating in a cloud, traveling in a Zeppelin full of helium, hallucinating with the panoramic views from the heights, feeling vertigo. Staring at the mountains from above, and their textures, melting with the lava flowing from the inside of a volcano. Oliwa is Frederik Peeters' Lupus and the galactic drawings of Jean Giraud. Oliwa is ancestral and magical."

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"Melting fairytale music by Jennifer Williams and Sean Conrad."



"Peasants is Elliot Richter and Skylar Leaf and we live in Portland OR."


Silver Antlers

"Music for foggy minds and anchored eyelids."

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Soda Lite

"Sodalite is an ocean blue tectosilicate mineral; light in weight, relatively hard yet fragile, and widely used as an ornamental gemstone. Soda Lite is a relative; an alliance of vegetal, animal and mineral beings currently living in lutruwita (incorrectly known as Tasmania). Soda Lite inhabits environments and responds through composition, attempting to relay liquid, sedimentary and circadian lifeways to listeners elsewhere."

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Stag Hare

"Stag Hare is the recording/performance/art project of Willow Skye Biggs. She lives in Salt Lake City Utah and has a beautiful little boy named Sebastian."

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"Self-taught videogame-inspired electronic music composer Natasha Home grew up in Melbourne, Australia surrounded by experimental recording technology. Her computer building father and sound engineer mother nurtured her intuitive recording explorations at an early age, motivating her to write intimate, process-based arrangements that developed into the now ten-year project Sunmoonstar. In 2014 Natasha home completed a Bachelor of Arts at The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, majoring in Sculpture and Sound. She now lives in Gainesville, Florida working for the record label Elestial Sound."

(image credit: Wild Anima + Lush Agave)

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