Tuluum Shimmering
The Sky Tree

Silver Antlers
All A River

Ashan & Kaliska
Ashan & Kaliska
March 20:
Happy spring equinox! We are joyous to announce the cassette releases of Tuluum Shimmering's "The Sky Tree" and Peasants' "Sawngs". Available together with the above paypal button, or seperately at the store. Peace! (update: "The Sky Tree" cassettes are now sold out)

February 20:
New video section on the site as well as a vinyl discount at the store. enjoy!

February 2:
Silver Antlers' All A River is finally available as a digital release for your listening pleasure! Have a listen here!

January 15:
Happy New Year! We are excited to announce that Oliwa's Time Immemorial and Montibus Communitas' Montibus Communitas are released and available!

Upcoming Releases:
Ki Oni - Autumn, In Reel Time cassette - june 7
softest - music for rain: vol. one cassette - june 7
Ashan - Earth Magic Life Celebration cassette/art book - fall


April 27 - Ashan, Forest Floor, Gossimer, Bleak Tails, Justin K., Watercolor Paintings @ Port of Oakland (Oakland, CA)

May 2 - Stag Hare, Silver Antlers, Cloud Kiva, Grizzly Prospector @ Diabolical Records (Salt Lake City, UT)

May 12 - Stag Hare @ Urban Lounge (Salt Lake City, UT)

II026: Peasants | Sawngs | cassette
II025: Tuluum Shimmering | The Sky Tree | cassette sold out
II024: Silver Antlers | All A River | digital
II023: Ashan & Kaliska | Ashan & Kaliska | digital
II022: Montibus Communitas | Montibus Communitas | cassette
II021: Oliwa | Time Immemorial | cassette
II020: Kaliska | Dark River / Welcome Light | digital
II019: Ki Oni | Tides | digital
II018: Hear Hums | EP | cassette
II017: Mike Tamburo | Presence | 2x cassette
II016: Ashan | Ancient Forever | cassette sold out
II015: Kaliska/Ashan | Completion | digital
II014: Hear Hums | Opens | cassette
II013: Kaliska | The Path We Make | cassette
II012: Ashan | To Return To | CD
II011: gkfoes vjgoaf | Healings | cassette sold out
II010: WYLD WYZRDZ | Acceptance | digital
II009: WYLD WYZRDZ | From a Stone | cassette sold out
II008: Stag Hare | Sandpaintings | cassette sold out
II007: Nearone | Presents | cassette sold out
II006: gkfoes vjgoaf | Nature Eternal Striving | 2x 12" LP
II005: Stag Hare | Spirit Canoes | 12" LP
II004: WYLD WYZRDZ | Free Magick | 12" LP
II003: gkfoes vjgoaf | The Joy of Awakening | 12" LP
II002: River Spirit Dragon | River Spirit Dragon | cassette sold out
II001: WYLD WYZRDZ/Stag Hare | Antelope Island | 7"