Hakobune / Oliwa / Former Selves / Panabrite
Oceanic Triangulation
2x cassette

of love and fear
August 25:
The new moon is in the sky as we release the latest collection from Hakobune, Oliwa, Former Selves, and Panabrite: Oceanic Triangulation is a four-way split over two cassettes. We are delighted this is finally in the world! Available at the store and streaming on bandcamp.

August 10:
On this full moon we are ecstatic to announce a remix collection from Ki Oni's Autumn, In Reel Time as well as a new single from softest, titled of love and fear. Both are available digitally on bandcamp.

June 7:
Summertime has come for this part of the world and we are excited to say that softest's music for rain: volume one and Ki Oni's Autumn, In Reel Time cassettes are now available! Check them out at the store. Have a listen on bandcamp.

May 20:
Tape deal over at the store. Grab any 4 tapes for $15!

March 20:
Happy spring equinox! We are joyous to announce the cassette releases of Tuluum Shimmering's The Sky Tree and Peasants' Sawngs. Available at the store. Peace! (update: The Sky Tree cassettes are now sold out)

Hear Hums - Malaise cassette - November 6

Ashan - Earth Magic Life Celebration cassette/zine - November 6

braeyden jae - turnings cassette - Early Spring

*** Stag Hare & Ashan "Temple Vibe" Tour ***

Octover 3: Salt Lake City, UT - Diabolical Records w/ Seven Feathers Rainwater

October 5: La Puente, CA - Bridgetown DIY w/ Kevin Greenspon, LA Takedown

October 7: Ojai, CA - Ojai Valley Grange w/ Rob Magill, Marndez the Baron of Barn, Passive Agressor

October 8: Santa Barbara, CA - FUNZONE w/ Bur Gur, Habits

October 9: Bakersfield, CA - House Show w/ Righteous Acid Band, Bakersfield Astral Troupe

October 10: Sacramento - House Show w/ Pregnant, Quartz Thrust

October 11: Oakland, CA - The Speakeasy w/ Pine, AJA Vision

October 14: Olympia, WA - Le Voyeur w/ Total Life (of Growing)

October 16: Bellingham, WA - Alternative Library

October 17: Anacortes, WA - The Business (5pm, all ages)

October 18: Seattle, WA - Gallery 1412 w/ Ecstatic Cosmic Union

October 19: Portland, OR - Valentines w/ Consumer, Doug Theriault


II031: Hakobune/Oliwa/Former Selves/Panabrite | Oceanic Triangulation | 2x cassette
II030: softest | of love and fear | digital
II029: Ki Oni | Autumn, In Reel Time Remixes + Collections | digital
II028: softest | music for rain: volume one | cassette
II027: Ki Oni | Autumn, In Reel Time | cassette
II026: Peasants | Sawngs | cassette
II025: Tuluum Shimmering | The Sky Tree | cassette sold out
II024: Silver Antlers | All A River | digital
II023: Ashan & Kaliska | Ashan & Kaliska | digital
II022: Montibus Communitas | Montibus Communitas | cassette
II021: Oliwa | Time Immemorial | cassette
II020: Kaliska | Dark River / Welcome Light | digital
II019: Ki Oni | Tides | digital
II018: Hear Hums | EP | cassette
II017: Mike Tamburo | Presence | 2x cassette
II016: Ashan | Ancient Forever | cassette sold out
II015: Kaliska/Ashan | Completion | digital
II014: Hear Hums | Opens | cassette
II013: Kaliska | The Path We Make | cassette sold out
II012: Ashan | To Return To | CD
II011: gkfoes vjgoaf | Healings | cassette sold out
II010: WYLD WYZRDZ | Acceptance | digital
II009: WYLD WYZRDZ | From a Stone | cassette sold out
II008: Stag Hare | Sandpaintings | cassette sold out
II007: Nearone | Presents | cassette sold out
II006: gkfoes vjgoaf | Nature Eternal Striving | 2x 12" LP
II005: Stag Hare | Spirit Canoes | 12" LP
II004: WYLD WYZRDZ | Free Magick | 12" LP
II003: gkfoes vjgoaf | The Joy of Awakening | 12" LP
II002: River Spirit Dragon | River Spirit Dragon | cassette sold out
II001: WYLD WYZRDZ/Stag Hare | Antelope Island | 7"